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Head of Engineering – Future licorne Française #NFT H/F

Ile de France, Paris (75008) - Référence : head of
Originellement mis en ligne le 29 septembre 2021 - Remontée le 22 octobre 2021 par Skill Hunter (+ d'offres)
Type de contrat :CDI
Métier :Directeur technique
Niveau d'étude requis :BAC+5 ou plus
Expérience :3 ans minimum
Type d'entreprise :Startup
Localisation :Ile de France, Paris (75008)
Salaire :de 90 000 €/an à 1 320 €/an
Télétravail :Télétravail complet
Compétences requises :Node.js, Python, ReactJs, Vue.JS
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What we're looking for
The Startup team is looking for a serious and motivated Engineering Manger to guide the en-gineering team and help us build "The Petaverse".
The game is in early stages of development so your opinions and input will help us shape star-tup product at its core. As a Engineering Manager, you will be going through an iterative, hands-on process of helping us shape the product as you bring our ground-breaking new pro-ject, "The Petaverse" from concept to playability. If you are a highly-motivated individual with a passion for blockchain, NFTs & gaming, we have the perfect job for you!
Located in Paris, the start-up atmosphere will make you discover a dynamic work environ-ment. You will have real challenges to take up and your actions will contribute directly to the success of the company. Participate in the development of our company by joining a young, motivated and passionate team.

# Responsibilities
Main activities of the position:
- Lead a team of engineers and developers
- Improve the quality of the product we release to users
- Lower the mental load / stress of engineering teams
- Reduce the amount of manual tasks by automating them
- Maintain and improve our CI systems (Bitrise, Fastlane, Github Actions, etc.)
- Maintain services we depend on for reliability (Waldo, OneSky, etc.)
- Look for and try new tools / services which can dramatically help us
- Shape new tests to avoid regressions
- Help us automate repeated manual tasks
- Help rapidly detecting issues in production (Twitter mentions, ratings, Front, Intercom, etc.)
- Help testing our engines on Android and iOS (snapshotting, video comparison)
- Help testing JSON at cross-platform level (fields, upgrading)
- Interact with our service providers to help resolve issues and improve their product
- Maintain progressive rollout on android
- Improve localisation process
- Help client team improve build times for faster feedback loop

Profil recherché

Our requirements:
• Minimum of 3 years of experience as Engineering Manager
• Knowledge of databases (Optimisation, Storage engine, …)
• Knowledge of data structures (Tree, Array, …)
• Knowledge of security (CSFR, Same origin policy, …)
• Knowledge of “Web” stack (HTTP, DNS, …)
• Knowledge of concepts (SOLID, BDD, …)
• Knowledge of “Starter pack” (Memory, RegExp, Charset, Complexity, …)
• Accomplished in Debugging
• Ability to communicate complex technical ideas
As a person, you are:
• A team worker eager to learn new things
• Familiar with Agile methods and principles
• Detail-oriented, outgoing and a good communicator
• Fluent in English, both speaking and writing (French is a plus but not mandatory)

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